Two Types of Garage Door Installation Explained

Installing or building a garage door yourself with some helpers can save you a lot of time and money. There are many people who have installed their doors themselves. It will rarely take 12 hours. If you know how to handle the screws and bolts, you may take even less than that. If you have installed any doors at your house you may know that installing doors are simple. But, a garage door is quite big and may take more than the time you expect. There are two types of garage doors, and they are automatic and manual. Whatever the installation method you choose, things can get pretty serious and dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it efficiently. In the following post, we will see how efficiently you can install a garage door most effectively by keeping an eye and avoiding the dangers. Without any further ado, let us dive right into the article.

Manual Garage Door Fixation

The first method is using to protect the garage by installing the manual door. As mentioned before, the installation can get pretty serious and rough. But, comparing with the automatic door installation, the manual is pretty feasible and easy. All these easy-peasy depends on what kind of door you chose to install. Manual doors are just that type of doors that should be manually pulled up and down to open and close. They are easy to fix but a bit hard to handle. One has to get out of the car to open up the garage. The lightness of the doors you chose cannot be very light as there are certain types of doors present in the garage door category you must choose. But if you are going for the automatic door, all the process should be changed. Not only that, but the automatic door is heavy and dangerous than the manual doors.

garage door

Automatic Garage Door Fixation

The second form of installing is the automatic garage door installation. Like mentioned before, the doors are heavy and take a lot of time to install. The springs, motors, and cables that are used can also be very costly. If you are sure to spend some dollars on the automatic door, you should move forward with your idea. You must need a string motor to do the lifting and pulling down work. This is where a dangerous situation can occur. Not only that, if your house does not have a power back up, the manual doors can get stuck while lifting. This is not an issue while considering the manual doors.


There is a reason you must consider installing a garage door as it helps your car to stay away from a lot of dangerous calamities and animals. Therefore, no matter whatever door you chose, it should be effective and must work efficiently. Apart from those, you must not miss the monthly check on the garage doors.

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